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DenNouOroshi Detail
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DenNouOroshi Information DenNouOroshi Information
DenNouOroshi One of the most unique Japanese A.S.P., operated by Webshark, Inc. DenNouOroshi means "Trading Space in Cyber Space" in Japanese. It focuses on item links, not affiliate banners, and provides Two-tier programs, life-time commission, and highest commission rate among Japanese A.S.P..
Basic Data
NAME: DenNouOroshi
Company: WEBSHARK, Inc.
Payment: Japanese Yen
Minimum: from 3,500 yen
Age Limit: n/a
Reward: Two-tier
Examination: n/a (EC merchants: no)

(11/15 =73%)


(13/15 =87%)


(6/10 =60%)


(8/10 =80%)


(37/50 =74%)


DenNouOroshi Advertisement Evaluation DenNouOroshi Advertisement Evaluation
Number of Offer:

As of June 2005, about 500 EC merchants participate in DenNouOroshi. More than 35,000 items can be used as affiliate links.

Banner Type:

DenNouOroshi specializes its service for item links. Therefore, regular affiliate links such as 468x60 size banners are not provided.

EC merchants:
All kinds of EC merchants are able to participate in DenNouOroshi. Cost is lower than other Japanese A.S.P..

ASP reward:
When affiliates introduce DenNouOroshi to other site owners, two-tier program is applied and 2% of sales add up to the affiliate.

There is no examination by DenNouOroshi or by EC merchant. However, adult webpages will be refused later days.

DenNouOroshi provides easy-to-make affiliate item links. Problem is, there have been more server troubles than other A.S.P..

Advertisement: ||
Since DenNouOroshi specializes in Item Links, not banners or mobile ad link, the variety of affiliate links are not many. Server troubles have occured more frequentlly than other A.S.P.. However, its unique services such as Two-tier program are highly evaluated.

DenNouOroshi Reliablity Evaluation DenNouOroshi Reliability Evaluation
Year in Business:
DenNouOroshi stared its service from February 2002. Webshark, Inc. was also founded in February 2002.

Number of Affiliate:
In June, 2005, about 50,000 affiliates participate in DenNouOroshi. It's one of the fastest growing A.S.P. in Japan..

DenNouOroshi provides good support with timely manner. There is also F.A.Q. page for affiliates.

Company Profile:
DenNouOroshi is operated by Webshark, Inc.. The detail of Webshark, Inc. is posted on company profile webpage.

DenNouOroshi provides explanation pages for both affiliates and EC merchants. Also, DenNouOroshi has "Affiliate Training Room" page.

DenNouOroshi adopts SSL service to protect privacy, but "privacy policy"page is not posted online.

Reliability: ||
Although DenNouOroshi is young Affiliate Service Provider, it has been growing its size very fast. Explanation page and F.A.Q., support are all well provided. When more affiliates participate in DenNouOroshi, this Reliability evaluation will become higher one.

DenNouOroshi Payment Evaluation DenNouOroshi Payment Evaluation
Minimum Payment:
DenNouOroshi sets its minimum payment line as 3,000yen and transaction fee as 500 yen. So, total 3,500yen is needed.

When to be Paid:
Affiliates have to request the payment. DenNouOroshi pays the commission on the end of two month after the request date.

Payment Type:
DenNouOroshi transfers the commission to affiliates' bank account. Affiliates bears the transfer fee, 500yen

Reporting System:
DenNouOroshi does not provide enoughreporting system. There is only "Monthly Sales Report".


DenNouOroshi holds monthly Affiliate Contest, and annual "Who is the Strongest Contest".

Payment: |
Although the transaction fee cost 500yen, the minimun payment line of DenNouOroshi is still low (3,000yen). Affiliates have to be careful that they need to request the payment. DenNouOroshi does not provide transaction report system, such as impression, click, CVR data.

DenNouOroshi Popularity Evaluation DenNouOroshi Popularity Evaluation
User's Evaluation: |
=> [DenNouOroshi Vote](in Japanese)

===User's Voice===
"It's good that DenNouOroshi has many unique EC merchants and item links. Some are difficult to post though."
"DenNouOroshi holds monthly affiliate contest, and it helps me a lot to make good contents."
"I agree that there are many uniqur items, but I regret that reporting system doesn't provide click data."

Popularity: |
Most EC merchants participating in DenNouOroshi are unique, and this point is highly valued by affiliate. Also, DenNouOroshi holds affiliate events periodically, and this is also valued by affiliates. However, its poor reporting system, which does not show click and impression, is criticized by them.

DenNouOroshi Total Evaluation DenNouOroshi Total Evaluation
Advertisement: || (11/15 = 73%)
Reliability: || (13/15 = 87%)
Payment: | (6/10 = 60%)
Popularity: | (8/10 = 80%)

Total Evaluation: |||||
|| i38/50 = 76%j

DenNouOroshi specializes item links, and holds many uniqur EC merchants. Also, its commission rate (average 15%) is much higher than other Japanese Affiliate Service Providers. DenNouOroshi is also known as its unique services such as Two-tier program and Life-time commission. It can be said that DenNouOroshi is most unique A.S.P. in Japanese affiliate market.

DenNouOroshi Registration DenNouOroshi Registration
1. Access to [DenNouOroshi Registration] page. (all in Japanese)
2. Read the instruction, and input personal data.
3. Final check the input data, and send them.
4. Receive registration newsletter.

[EC merchants]
1. Access to [DenNouOroshi EC merchant] page.
2. Read the detail, and input the online-form.
3. DenNouOroshi will contact you.


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