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Rakuten Affiliate Detail
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Rakuten Affiliate Information Rakuten Affiliate Information
Rakuten Affiliate

Affiliate Service (not A.S.P.) that provided by Japanese largest online shopping-mall "Rakuten, Inc.". Rakuten provides free blog space called "Rakuten Hiroba" where affiliate beginners easily create their webpage. The commission is paid as Rakuten Super Point, which is a vertual money used in Rakuten shoppingmall.

Basic Data
NAME: Rakuten Affiliate
Company: Rakuten, Inc.
Payment: Rakuten Super Point
Minimum: from 1 point (=1yen)
Age Limit: n/a
Reward: n/a
Examination: n/a (EC merchants: NO)

(10/15 =67%)


(13/15 =87%)


(6/10 =60%)


(8/10 =80%)


(37/50 =74%)


Rakuten Affiliate Advertisement Evaluation Rakuten Affiliate Advertisement Evaluation
Number of Offer:

As of June, 2005, there are more than 40,000 EC merchants participating and more than 10 million items in Rakuten.

Banner Type:

Basic affiliate links such as 468x60size regular banner, 234x60size half banner, text link, item links, are provided.

EC merchants:
EC merchants that have store in Rakuten will automatically participate in Rakute Affiliate.

ASP reward:
Rakute Affiliate does not have A.S.P. introduction program. Every Rakute user can use affiliate programs..

There is no examination to register Rakuten Affiliate. If you are Rakute user, then able to use Rakuten affiliate too.

Rakuten Affiliate links are easy to make, and redirect speed is stable. Japanese largest online shopping mall has good stability.

Advertisement: ||
Since Rakute is the largest online shopping mall in Japanese Internet world, the number of EC merchants participating in Rakute is enormous (more than 40,000 EC merchants and 10 million items). Affiliates can find all kinds of item that they want to post on their webpage.

Rakuten Affiliate Reliablity Evaluation Rakuten Affiliate Reliability Evaluation
Year in Business:
Rakuten Affiliate stared its service from May, 2003. Rakuten, Inc. was founded in February, 1997.

Number of Affiliate:
In June, 2005, more than 300,000 affiliates participate in Rakuten Affiliate. Rakuten provides free blod space, which contributes to this huge number.

Because Rakute is the largest online shopping mall in Japan, support team is not big wnough to cover all users. Responses are late sometimes.

Company Profile:
Rakuten Affiliate is an affiliate service operated by Rakuten, Inc.. Rakuten, Inc. has its company profile page online.

Rakuten provides "What is Rakuten Affiliate?" explanation page. Also, there are many Rakuten Affiliate case studies.

Rakuten adopts 128bit SSL connection system, and also prints its privacy policy on terms&condition page.

Reliability: ||
Rakute Affiliate is one of the youngest affiliate service (started May, 2005), but the size of Rakuten shopping mall boosted up the number of affiliates in short period. Since Rakuten users can use free blog space, and affiliate links are very easy to make, many Affiliate beginners use Rakuten.

Rakuten Affiliate Payment Evaluation Rakuten Affiliate Payment Evaluation
Minimum Payment:
Rakuten Affiliate sets no minimum payment line. As long as you get 1 sales, you'll receive the commission.

When to be Paid:
Rakuten Affiliate pays the commission on 10th of two month after the sales month. i.e.) Commission in January will be paid on March 10th.

Payment Type:
Rakuten Affiliate the commission in the form of Rakuten Super Point, which is web-money that can be used in Rakuten shopping-mall.

Reporting System:
Rakuten Affiliate provides basic reporting system, such as "sales report" and "order status". Individual sales cannot be tracked.


Rakuten Affiliate often holds affiliate events such as "Rakuten Affiliate Award". Some EC merchants sets higher commission campaign.

Payment: |
Payment system of Rakuten Affiliate is very unique. Its not Japanese yen, but web-money that can be used in Rakuten shopping-mall. Also, even from 1 point, the commission is paid. Reporting system, which shows no individual sales, is needed to be improved.

Rakuten Affiliate Popularity Evaluation Rakuten Affiliate Popularity Evaluation
User's Evaluation: |
=> [Rakuten Affiliate Vote](in Japanese)

===User's Voice===
"Since there are so many EC merchants, I can calculate unexpected sales from EC merchants. Rakuten point is useful for me when to buy heavy items."
"Rakuten affiliate is for beginners. At least, I hope Rakuten Super point to be able to exchange with real money."
"Rakuten Affiliate is not a real A.S.P., but because of that, affiliate beginners can use it."

Popularity: |
Unlike other Japanese Affiliate Service Providers, Rakuten Affiliate is provided as one service of Rakuten shopping-mall. Therefore, there are affiliates that think Rakuten Affiliate is not a real affiliate program. However, they also value the easy-to-use system and free blog space.

TrafficGate Total Evaluation TrafficGate Total Evaluation
Advertisement: || (10/15 = 67%)
Reliability: || (13/15 = 87%)
Payment: | (6/10 = 60%)
Popularity: | (8/10 = 80%)

Total Evaluation: |||||
|| i37/50 = 74%j

Rakuten Affiliate has the largest online shopping mall "Rakuten" on its back, and has grown fast speed. The number of EC merchants and items attracts many affiliates in Japanese affiliate market. Rakuten also participate in "TrafficGate""" and "ValueCommerce" as EC merchant, in which affiliate can receive commission as real money.

Rakuten Registration Rakuten Registration
1. Access to [Rakuten Users Guide] page. (all in Japanese)
2. Read the instruction, and input personal data.
3. Final check the input data, and send them.
4. Receive registration newsletter, then setup Rakuten Affiliate service.

[EC merchants]
1. Access to [Rakuten EC merchant] page.
2. Read the detail, and input the online-form.
3. Becoming Rakuten shop means, participating Rakuten Affiliate.


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