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ValueCommerce Detail
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ValueCommerce Information ValueCommerce Information
ValueCommerce First Japanese Affiliate Service Provider, operated by ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.. ValueCommerce provides abundant number of affiliate links such as rotation banner, skyscraper banner, free-style text link, Flash ads, etc. Affiliates are allowed to use Mobile and Newsletter affiliate ads, too.
Basic Data
NAME: ValueCommerce
Company: Value Commerce Co., Ltd.
Payment: Japanese Yen
Minimum: from 5,000 yen
Age Limit: under 20 not allowed
Reward: 500yen/webpage
Examination: YES (EC merchants yes)

(12/15 =80%)


(14/15 =93%)


(6/10 =60%)


(7/10 =70%)


(39/50 =78%)

ValueCommerce Advertisement Evaluation ValueCommerce Advertisement Evaluation
Number of Offer:

More than 700 affiliate offers are provided by ValueCommerce. Since its start, more than 1,700 EC merchants participate in ValueCommerce.

Banner Type:

468x60size regular banner, 234x60size half banner, text link, skyscraper banner, and lot more affiliate links are probided.

EC merchants:
All kinds of EC merchants are able to participate in ValueCommerce. Commission fee is 30%.

ASP reward:
When affiliates introduce ValueCommerce to other site owners, ValueCommerce pays 500yen per new site.

There is examination by ValueCommerce and each EC merchants. If you're under 20, not possible to register.

Making affiliate links takes long steps and 4-hour waiting time. Ad distribution speed is average.

Advertisement: ||
ValueCommerce is one of the largest Affiliate Service Providers in Japan. It's also the first A.S.P. in Japanese affiliate market. Adult EC merchants are able to participate in ValueCommerce. Making affiliate links takes long step and time.

ValueCommerce Reliablity Evaluation ValueCommerce Reliability Evaluation
Year in Business:
ValueCommerce stared its service from 1999. Value Commerce Co., Ltd. was founded in March, 1996.

Number of Affiliate:
In June, 2005, more than 100,000 affiliates participate in ValueCommerce. One of the largest A.S.P. in Japan..

ValueCommerce provides good support with timely manner. Using ValueCommerce images are very strict..

Company Profile:
ValueCommerce is operated by Value Commerce Co., Ltd.. Value Commerce Co., Ltd. has its own company profile webpage.

ValueCommerce provides explanation pages for both affiliates and EC merchants. Affiliate know-how pages are posted too.

ValueCommerce adopts VeriSign SSL service, and also prints its "privacy policy"page online.

Reliability: ||
ValueCommerce is the oldest Affiliate Service Provider in Japan, and has history and experience. There are more than 100,000 affiliates participate in ValueCommerce, which size is one of the largest in Japanese affiliate market. Service explanation page and know-how page help affiliates.

ValueCommerce Payment Evaluation ValueCommerce Payment Evaluation
Minimum Payment:
ValueCommerce sets its minimum payment line as 5,000yen. Minimum line 5,000yen is common in Japanese Affiliate market.

When to be Paid:
ValueCommerce pays the commission on 15th of two month after the sales month. i.e.) Commission in January will be paid on March 15th.

Payment Type:
ValueCommerce transfers the commission to affiliates' bank account. Affiliates bears the transfer fee.

Reporting System:
ValueCommerce provides good reporting system, such as "order report" and "program report".


ValueCommerce held "A-1 Affiliate Contest" at the end of 2004. Some EC merchants hold their own campaign for affiliates.

Payment: |
Payment system of ValueCommerce is very common one among Japanese Affiliate Service Privider (minimun 5,000 yen, two-month and 15 days payment cycle, Affiliate bears transaction fee). ValueCommerce provide detailed reporting system.

ValueCommerce Popularity Evaluation ValueCommerce Popularity Evaluation
User's Evaluation: |
=> [ValueCommerce Vote](in Japanese)

===User's Voice===
"There are many EC merchants and affiliate offers, but too many offers confuses me making affiliate links."
"Affiliate links are difficult to make, and takes long time. ValueCommerce should improve it."
"There are so many EC merchants, but unfortunatelly, EC merchants search system is not useful one.."

Popularity: |
The large number of EC merchants and affiliate links is highly valued by affiliates. However, since serach sysytem and admin screen are confusing, this Popularity evaluation is lower than other Japanese A.S.P.. ValueCommerce need to improve this system part in order to gain user's vote.

ValueCommerce Total Evaluation ValueCommerce Total Evaluation
Advertisement: || (12/15 = 80%)
Reliability: || (14/15 = 93%)
Payment: | (6/10 = 60%)
Popularity: | (7/10 = 70%)

Total Evaluation: |||||
|| i39/50 = 78%j

ValueCommerce is the first Japanese Affiliate Service Provider, and its size is one of the largest in Japanese affiliate market. Payment system is average among Japanese A.S.P., but from different perspective, it can be said that ValueCommerce has made this standard. One of few A.S.P. that adult EC merchants and affiliate sites can participate. Admin syste need to be improved.

ValueCommerce Registration ValueCommerce Registration
1. Access to [ValueCommerce Registration] page. (all in Japanese)
2. Read the instruction, and input personal data.
3. Final check the input data, and send them.
4. Receive registration newsletter.

[EC merchants]
1. Access to [ValueCommerce EC merchant] page.
2. Read the detail, and input the online-form.
3. ValueCommerce will contact you.


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