Prominent people who play key role in Japanese Affiliate Market.
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Key Affiliate People in Japanese Affiliate Market
(Real Name)
(Most link pages are Japanese)
(Yasumitsu Abiru)
Abiru-san is the owner of Japanese largest affiliate information webpage []. He is also know as the CEO of, which is the consulting company for Affiliate Program and E-Commerce (i.e. Portrait Avatar Maker).
(Tomoko Kobayashi)
Aidama-san is the most popular housewife for making success with Affiliate Program in Japan. Japanese Media, such as Magazines, TV programs, and Newspapers have taken up her case, and she herself has written many affiliate books.
(Yoichi Ishikawa)
Ishikawa-san is the pioneer of Japanese Affiliate Market. He had engaged in international business for 30 years, and also the creator of Japanese largest affiliate information webpage []. He speaks English perfectlly.
(Akiko Wada)
Wada-san is a webmaster of the first Japanese affiliate information webpage [AffiliateIndex]. She has long experience of working as all EC merchant, A.S.P., and affiliate site owner. SHe has written two books, one for Japanese Affiliaters, and one for EC.

# "-san" is a courtesy title, meaning Mr. or Ms. in Japanese.
# RED=female, BLUE=male


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Prominent Affiliate People in Japanese Affiliate Market
Prominent Affiliate People in Japanese Affiliate Market Key People
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Affiliate Line Middle Aidama-san
Affiliate Line Middle Ishikawa-san
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