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Welcome to Japan.AffiliateSogo.com

Welcome to "Japan.AffiliateSogo.com". My name is KASAI, webmaster of this webpage. "Sogo" means "comprehensive" in Japanese, and I created this webpage to provide comprehensive Japanese Affiliate Marketing information for non-Japanese users.

I've been studying affiliate program since the beginning of 1999, which was the time I was in California and also the time people were using surfbar programs (some of you might remember "AllAdvantage"). I was interested in online-marketing, and found the bright future of Affiliate Marketing.

In 2003, I returned to Japan, and worked as an Online Marketing Specialist in the International PC maker. Almost two years in the company, I was in charge of Affiliate Program and SEM (including SEO, Overture, and AdWords). At the end of 2005, I quit the company, and started my own business.

Now I do consulting business for EC merchants planning to utilize affiliate program and SEM. Also, I own several webpages, from them I gain affiliate incomes. I created "AffiliateSogo.com" on January 2005, which is a comprehensive Affiliate information site for Japanese. Then June 1st of 2005, I opened this "Japan.AffiliateSogo.com", Japanese Affliate Information Webpage for non-Japanese speakers.

U.S. affiliate market is more advanced than Japanese one. The boom of affliate program in Japan occured in the year of 2004. I believe that Japanese EC merchants and affiliates can learn a lot from the U.S. affiliate market. I also believe that there are something that Japanese Affiliate market contribute to the success of U.S. EC merchants and affiliates.

Unfortunatelly, in Japan, there are no Japanese Affiliate Information webpages written in English. At the same time, Japanese EC merchants and affiliates do not know much about the U.S. affiliate market. Therefore, I decided to create this webpage "Japan.AffiliateSogo.com", and let non-Japanese users know about Japanese Affiliate market.

I'll keep updating variety of Japanese Affiliate Information, from event report to detail of Japanese A.S.P.. If you have any request or things that you want to know, please feel free to contact me.


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