Japanese Affiliate Market Review: from January 2005 to March 2005
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1st Quater in 2005 Japanese Affiliate Market Review
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The first quarter (January 2005 to March 2005) of Japanese Affiliate Market can be summarized as the term "Quarter of Major Attention". In this period, some of giant Internet companies participated in Japanese Affiliate market, and major TV programs and newspapers introduced about "affiliate program" to Japanese market.

On February 28th, 2005, "Yahoo!JAPAN" announced that she would acquire the majority of "ValueCommerce" stocks, one of the largest and oldest Affiliate Service Providers in Japan. This announcement suggested that Yahoo!JAPAN would decide to participate in Japanese Affiliate Market for real.

Also in February, Japanese most famous business TV program called "World Business Satellite" introduced Affiliate Program, first time that affiliate program is introduced by business news. During the period of January 2005 to March 2005, many major newspaper and computer magazines posted feature articles about affiliate program.

Affiliate event increased its number. On January 30th, 2005, the first Medical Affiliate Seminar was hosted by "WarpAway Japan"(Japanese marketing company). On February 22nd, "LinkShare" hosted the first Affiliate Seminar in Kansai (west-area of Japan), and attracted about 200 people.

The results of affiliate contests hosted by "LinkShare" and "Rakuten Affiliate" were announced in this first quarter. Those who received the top prize by contests receive reward from the A.S.P.. This kind of affiliate contests is increasing its number and frequency.

Regular online marketing seminars started to provide information about affiliate programs. The boom of Japanese Affiliate Market started from the end of 2004, and this influenced the contents of market seminars too.

As an affiliate plannner in Japanese market, I was able to notice that Affiliate Program is gradually becoming the standard in Japanese web marketing. This movement will continue and grow for sure. The 2nd Quarter, we will see more exciting events and news.


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